Using Dropbox in Class

I have an iPad and I’ve been using it for my ASL classes. I have found the free application Dropbox has been  incredible for keeping and organizing class documents.

If your classes are like mine, you’re probably using BlackBoard to manage your classes’ documents. There is a BlackBoard App for iPad  that I use and when I click on any file link, I have the option to send it to my Dropbox account.

This works great because I created an “ASL” folder then inside that a folder for each class. All the documents (powerpoint presentations, homework assignments, syllabus) are in the folder inside Dropbox.

The biggest advantage is that I can access these folders from my desktop or my iPad quite easily.  But here’s a tip…if you edit or create a document, take advantage of the BOLD font option for easier viewing on the iPad.

This app has been perfect for me keeping up in class, reviewing the powerpoints after class, and keeping any .pdf files that are relevant all in one folder available on both my iPad and desktop.

When I need to look up signs, I’ve relied on “ASL Dictionary for iPad” because it downloads all of the signs so you can access them offline. It’s bee a real help!

So aside from Dropbox, Blackboard, and ASL Dictionary are there any other iPad apps you can’t do without for ASL education?

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