They Say I’m Deaf – Saul N. Kessler

Sunrise in the Keys

They say I’m deaf,
These folks who call me friend.
They do not comprehend.

They say I’m deaf,
And look on me as queer,
Because I cannot hear.

They say I’m deaf,
I, who hear all day
My throbbing heart at play,
The song the sunset sings,
The joy of pretty things,
The smiles that greet my eye,
Two lovers passing by,
A brook, a tree, a bird;
Who says I have not heard?
Aye, tho’ it must seem odd,
At night I oft hear God.
So many kinds I get,
Of happy songs, and yet

They say I’m deaf!

~ Saul N. Kessler

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  • What a beautiful poem!

  • Ryker

    I love this. It is an absolutely fantastic poem. Well done.

  • Guest

    He didn’t write that poem. I heard that poem back in college in 1985! I was used by a deaf woman in a beauty pageant!

    • Rivka

      Saul N. Kessler was my great grandfather, and was alive well before 1985. He wrote this poem.

      • Rivka

        Kessler SN (1960) in The silent muse: An anthology of prose and poetry by the deaf, They say I’m deaf, eds Panara R, Denis T, McFarlane JH (Gallaudet College Alumni Association, Washington, DC), p 200.

  • guest

     what is the meaning of the smile that greets my eye