The ASL Alphabet

The basis for finger-spelling is knowing the ASL Alphabet. Ready?

Alphabet and Numbers in ASL. Click image to get larger view.

Sign Language Alphabet Video

Sesame Street Teaches ASL Alphabet

I know my ASL ABC’s pretty well, but what I have a hard time is reading words spelled quickly, long words, and getting my hand to get to those letters without misspelling or ‘mumbling’.

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  • SWAT

    I Really need to learn sign laungues because im joining S.W.A.T. team so thank you.

  • Ty


  • Kayla

    kayla im kayla im learing it becuz my firnedz and me say thign tht dotn need ot be said to teachers so instead of us talking we do sign language! but the thing is i need it to go faster i like a challenge

    • Cookiemonster

      Wow… that’s low

  • Geo31522

    im learning….cause i’m actually DEAF!!

  • aisha

    hi, im learning it because my ucle is talking in a sighn language and i had a bit diffeculties to talk to him

  • Rachel

    I’m learning because I work with handicapped children and I’m a nanny to a hearing 20-month-old who’s parents have taught her baby sign language to help her communicate because some hearing kids don’t learn to speak understandably until they are 2 or 3.

  • emily

    im learning cuz its intresting and i love sign language

  • Ep33405

    im learning because i feel i need to expand my communications

  • Cailyn Robertson

    I am learning sign language because I am 12 years old and I don’t want  to wait until I am older to learn a new form of communication sense I am also in the middle of Spanish.
     Hola! Como te llamos? me llamo Cailyn.   

  • Juliamartinez

    im learning because my bff is partly deaf and i want to comunicate with her so thankyou.

  • Razbeam

    I will share a tip that might help some of you who are learning to fingerspell better. In my 2nd quarter of college we had an interpreter come in and address our class (we have a Deaf teacher). She said the thing that will help hearing people learn to fingerspell the most is practicing being phonetical. Don’t think of the names of the letters but the sounds of the letters. When you see the word ‘rat’ written down you don’t think r-a-t by the letter names, you think of the sounds the r, a, and t make thus you can just say the word. You will learn and pick up the ASL alphabet a LOT easier if you learn this trick of the trade. My fingerspelling has increased greatly by following this tidbit of advice. Also when you fingerspell make sure you lip the word you are trying to say rather than the letters you are spelling. This will help reinforce the phonetical aspect of learning to do this.

  • louanne

    i have my asl 101 but no one uses it in my house only me and i am severly hearing impaired and i have a service dog as well

  • Maryhadalittlehamb

    I’m learning because my cousin is special  needs  and isn’t very good verbal and has really messy hand writing but she knows sign language and I love her VERYYYYYYY much and I would like to communicate with her better.

  • Beepeepalto

    im learningbecuase me and my mom have lyme disese and its made my mom hard of hearing you have to yell at the top of your lungs so she can hear you and shes also learning and im not deaf or hard of hearing i want to better communicate and become a translator im 15 and iv learned 3 other languges and asl will be the 4th 🙂