Super Heroes Don’t Have Aids?

In New Hampshire, back in 2010, four-year-old Anthony Smith was hearing-impaired and using a hearing-aide in his daily life. They referred to it as his ‘Blue Ear’. However, little Anthony insisted that Superheros didn’t have hearing aids.

Step Up: Marvel Comics.

[Marvel Comics] dispatched one of their cartoonists to draw a brand-new superhero: Anthony himself, otherwise known as “The Blue Ear.”

“Thanks to my listening device, I hear someone in trouble,” Blue Ear says in the drawing. Comic book-letters declare: “When DANGER makes a sound, The Blue Ear answers the call.”

D’Allesandro said Anthony was transfixed by the drawing. He brought it to show his classmates at his school for the hearing-impaired. The only problem? Now all the kids want their hearing aids to look like Blue Ear’s.

Yes, my faith in humanity is now restored.

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