Questioning Why Learn ASL?

This is really for my classmates or anyone else who has or currently is taking ASL classes…

Have you gotten weird, strange, or even discouraging comments when you tell them you’re learning Sign Language?

Most people I tell think it’s really cool. Some ask why I’m doing it and that’s fine as well. But I’m talking about, well, for example…

I told someone the other day I was taking ASL classes. This person looked surprised, then disgusted. “Really? Why? Not me!” as if I was just wasting my time. I know it’s not a waste of time, but just wondering: has anyone else has received this kind of negativity?

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  • Hi Orange Jack,
    I have just discovered your blog through DeafRead. What motivated you to learn ASL? I’ve been reading through your blog and haven’t found an entry on that so far. I would be interested to learn about what started you on this journey.
    Speak Up Librarian

    • Rob Williams

      Thanks, Sarah. I plan to get to that soon! Thank you for stopping by.

      • OK.  I look forward to reading about it. I’ve been using vlogs to improve my ASL receptive skills. Of course I mean the ASL vlogs with English captions. I watch them first with the captions off, then depending on how much I understood, I watch again, or I turn the captions on and then rewatch.  Two of my favorites are Seek Geo and Jim the Librarian.

        • Speakuplibrarian

          Oops. I messed up the html. My favorites are Jim the Librarian and SeekGeo