My Valentine – Paul McCartney Video

This is interesting. The legendary music artist Paul McCartney released the following video of his song “My Valentine”. The video stars Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp…both signing the lyrics.

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  • I like this video but the Deaf Community has made comments about some of the wrong signs. They signed  Tampon instead of Appear etc

    • Yeah, I heard about all that. Funny/embarrassing. I wonder who was the script translator. I think I also heard that one of the problems was that their was a mix of ASL and BSL — no universal Sign Language really exists (though there’s some work on an International Sign Language I think).

      • True…I am a CODA.. I live in Virginia also in the Hampton Roads Area…I also have the company and I have the facebook site I was looking for something for my students on numbers since they were confused and found your site. I like that video. Be careful about always signing in the “box”…in your ‘Comparison’ video you were all over the place haha