LJ Helbig

LJ Helbig, a sophomore on the University of Wyoming wrestling team, will be one…340 wrestlers overall competing in the NCAA Wrestling Championships starting today at Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia.

But he’ll enjoy only the sights of the national tournament while he competes, not the sounds.

Helbig is deaf, born that way due to a rare medical condition.

He can hear well off the mat, thanks to his cochlear implant, but he can’t wear the device when he wrestles.

[Helbig said] “Growing up deaf has been difficult, but not as difficult as you might think.”

via Model cowboy | Laramie Boomerang | Laramie, Wyoming.

Reminds me of S05E22 of House where the patient was a Deaf wrestler with a cochlear implant.

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  • Trevorlopes

    My son a Freshman in High School want to wrestle but Coach is concerned about the safety of his implant. Is there some information I can give the coach?

    • Rob Williams

      I appreciate you reaching out to me about this, but to be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve looked around online and don’t see anything definitive. If I were you, I’d defer to the doctors who put the CI in.