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…I kinda feel like we’re breaking new ground here. Lizzie Weiss, the creator, she did her research really, really well. I feel like the portrayal of the deaf community is done with tact and respect and class. It’s really great to see that – so not just to be the first to try this, but to be doing it right, I think is really cool…I think people are afraid of what they don’t know and I think that’s a natural response. Having a TV show where multiple deaf characters come into your living room every week is going to be an incredible asset — not only to the deaf community, but also the hearing community. Sign language is the third most used language in the United States but the deaf world and hearing world are so separate. I really don’t think it has to be that way. I hope our show can be the catalyst to help form a bridge between those worlds. Build some tolerance.

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  • I’m really enjoying this show especially the scenes where characters use ASL and their conversation is captioned. I think Switched at Birth is raising deaf awareness and presenting deaf culture positively.

  • Mazekad

    I have watched almost every episode of Switched at Birth and love it. I am an ASL major at UW-Milwaukee (this post if for my class (: )so learning ASL and being able to watch a show with people signing and interacting in the Deaf and Hearing communities has been very interesting. Most of the situations seem very realistic, especially in the first few episodes when the families first come together. When Daphne first meets her real parents, they don’t know how to really communicate with her (they speak louder, turn away, and can’t understand her) as well as the other hearing individuals she interacts with (like with liam’s friends). Most people become nervous around Deaf people and don’t know what to do. I think this show will help viewers realize that Deaf people can and are usually willing to be patient and communicate with hearing people. I also liked how they show that Daphne is perfectly capable make her own decisions about what school she wants to attend and what she want’s to do with her life; like any other Deaf individual. Overall I just think this show is great and will show many people a side to being Deaf they may have never known about. 

    • Rob Williams

      Glad I could help you with an assignment! 

  • legally deaf with little d

    I found this show because of marlee but I watch it for the asl. I was thrilled they hired DEAF and HoH actors! Not like glee with fake able actor in wheelchair. Thank you abc family casting!!!!!!

  • Audryelizabeth

    I am taking ASL 1 but i dont know if they are speaking proper ASL?