Find CC Videos On Google and YouTube

Not every uploaded video to the web includes closed-captions. So how do you find the ones that do? Here’s a couple of tricks.

Using Google, go to the Google Videos Advanced Search page. Look near the bottom of the search page options and you’ll see a box you can check to only return results with subtitles.

Using YouTube, it can be both more or less complicated. The more complicated way is to do a search for a video, click on the “Filter” link and choose “CC (closed caption)”. However, if you notice, all that does is create a new search for you adding “, cc” to your search. In the example below, I searched for “football”. When I clicked on the “CC (closed caption)” link, my search turned into “football, cc”. Therefore, the shortcut seems to be just do a search on YouTube as “subject you want to search for, cc” and that will give you only videos with Closed-Captions.

For those of you who create videos with Closed-Captions, what do you suggest as the best tools to provide the cc for an uploaded video?

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