I want to make it clear – I’m hearing and learning. I’ll always be learning. If I post something offensive,¬†controversial, or in bad taste, I¬†apologize. It’s not my intent to offend. I understand the Deaf Community is it’s own culture and I’m a student of it.

I’ll stumble and get things wrong. My opinions on this site are what I have at the time I wrote them and are subject to change with more education and experience. I’m not an expert.

And in short, that’s one reason I’m keeping this site running — I want the Hearing World to be able to look into the Deaf World and gain some education. Of course I also want those in the Deaf World to comment and help me (and others) understand your world.

Content posted on this site may or may not be properly attributed. If you are the owner of any media I’ve posted and I have not given you proper attribution, PLEASE let me know so I can give you the deserved credit. I may publish borrowed media in the hopes that it will educate. However, I want to be fair and attribute ownership of the quality media I choose to publish to help me illustrate something I believe to be educational and important.