Deaf Thinking and Deaf Dreaming

Okay, I have a dumb question. I never thought about it until recently. And I went out on a limb to ask a Deaf friend of mine.

If you are Deaf, what language do you think and/or dream in?

I would assume that most people dream or think in their first language, but my friend told me it wasn’t too uncommon for Deaf people to dream in English. I can imagine those that have ASL as their first language could dream where everyone is signing. Further, I could imagine ASL first-language people to even think in ASL – or at least in ASL syntax. But is it true?

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  • Jack

    Funny running across both your blog and this question tonight…I’ve been seeing a deaf from birth guy for a couple months and I just emailed him this question earlier today…I’m trying to learn ASL and it’s like if this is indeed one’s native ‘tongue’…how does it all work.  I also really want to thank you for this blog…I already can see that there is a lot here that will help me tremendously…best wishes…jack