Deaf Surf Camp

Ever wanted to go to a surf camp? What about a Deaf Surf Camp?!?! And by ‘Deaf’ I mean the entire Deaf culture (Deaf, HoH, Coda, etc).

It’s happening in, of all places, Costa Rica! That’s right…This May, you can attend a week-long Surf Camp in beautiful Costa Rica.

Apparently it’s not JUST all about surfing…

We didn’t spend the whole time surfing. There was time for lots of other activities, zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, massages, swimming, yoga, and eating! The food was delicious and always freshly prepared. All the staff involved with the camp were so much fun and went above and beyond to make sure that this was the trip of a lifetime.

They have a Facebook Page set up so go check it out. Seems fairly affordable but most importantly a great excursion among ‘friends’.

‘Hang 10’ and let me know how well you did when you return to the mainland! Oh how I wish I could go!

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  • Lindsey L

    That sounds like so much fun! Has anyone else attended this? I would love to hear more about it.