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Google Glass: Good or bad for Deaf?

In early August, 2013, it was reported by Mashable that the new Google Glass product was not a great idea for the Deaf. However, Deaf News Today reports that Google Glass can be very helpful in teaching parents of Deaf … Continue reading

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Challenges of an ASL Intrepeter

Perhaps you remember this from last October during New York’s Superstorm Sandy: Yes, it seems that the nation was suddenly interested in Sign Language translation (some by interest, some by mocking) of Lydia Callis as she translated NY City Mayor … Continue reading

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Super Heroes Don’t Have Aids?

In New Hampshire, back in 2010, four-year-old Anthony Smith was hearing-impaired and using a hearing-aide in his daily life. They referred to it as his ‘Blue Ear’. However, little Anthony insisted that Superheros didn’t have hearing aids. Step Up: Marvel … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day

Enjoy Keith Wann’s storytelling reminiscing as a child as a CODA with his Deaf mother.

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Growing Up Deaf with Hearing Parnets

A CODA is a ‘child of deaf parents’. They live their own world. Keith Wann grew up in this world as a hearing son of Deaf parents. Some of his story (told in a comedic way) is a lot of … Continue reading

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Most studied “foreign languages”

In 2010, USA Today reported that the top 4 ‘foreign languages’ taught in colleges and universities are as follows: 1. Spanish 2. French 3. German 4. American Sign Language (ASL) AKA:

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Deaf Surf Camp

Ever wanted to go to a surf camp? What about a Deaf Surf Camp?!?! And by ‘Deaf’ I mean the entire Deaf culture (Deaf, HoH, Coda, etc). It’s happening in, of all places, Costa Rica! That’s right…This May, you can … Continue reading

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Keith Wann’s Children’s Stories are Awesome

Keith Wann is a popular comedian in the Deaf community. He is a CODA (child of deaf adults). Keith has a 4-year-old son named Douglass. They are family friends and renowned ASL story-teller Peter Cook. Douglass asked Cook to create … Continue reading

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A few things that happened in 2012

Here’s a nice little video about some of the breaking news of the Deaf community in 2012.

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Establishing a sound foundation for children who are deaf or hard of hearing: Karl White at TEDxUSU

I’ve watched the following video a couple of times and I want to share it with you. However, I’m withholding my comments for the moment. I would really like to encourage you to watch it and leave your comments below. … Continue reading

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