ASL 201 Unit 14

I’m turning in my video portion of my ASL 3 class Exam 1. I don’t mind sharing it here as well. (turn on Closed Captions to see what I intended to sign!)

ASL 201 Unit 14.wmv – YouTube.

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  • uh-oh

    sloppy and bad signer.

    • guest

      that is why he is learning! At least he had the guts to put all of his video work on line for everyone to see! Give him some props for that…Only way for him to improve is to get CONSTRUCTIVE feedback.

  • Bud

    Not bad.  I haven’t seen the sign for “do you mind” before…I kept thinking you were signing “fake” or “mouse”, or maybe “fake mouse” LOL.  Uh-oh should try to make a video, and then they’d see how difficult it is to make your signing smooth and clean.  There’s a teacher in Cleveland that won’t allow her students to use the words “use”, “but” or “and” because she feels English speakers rely on these words too much.  It’s all about concepts after all.  Hope you did well on your test.  Good luck and keep signing!

  • @d8d5460f6aa092e8585ac810405dc95e:disqus : thanks for commenting. Your input was so valuable to me. However, if you want to help me, please consider coming out of anonymity and put yourself in a more vulnerable position such as I have.

    @849311f9bd9a74a627d493b1d0f4ee40:disqus  : thanks. I’ve heard from a Deaf friend that he didn’t really know that sign either. But for now it’s all about what my teacher wants! Thanks for the encouragement.