About ASL Songs

I don’t intend on posting a lot of ASL-inspired videos. However, some of them are pretty funny, cool, and entertaining. I know I’ll post a few that make me laugh or leave me entertained.  I’ll also continue to build a Playlist on YouTube for ASL videos. But one thing I’m not crazy about with these is that as I progress in learning more about ASL, I realize that most of these videos are using a form of Signed English, not ASL.

And yes, there’s a difference.

ASL is a language. English is a language. Signed English is a hybrid (like Spanish + English = Spanglish). But more on all that later.

For now, I just want to get some content on this site of stuff I’m finding interesting and entertaining. Besides, another way of looking at these videos is as art — and with most art, it’s all about expression.

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