21 Years of ADA

On this date in 1990, George HW Bush signed the Americans With Disabilities Act which protects the rights of any American with a disability. Just like one can’t discriminate based on religion, sex, national origin, or race, one can’t discriminate based on a disability. The Act covers issues of employment, transportation, information access, communication, education, etc.

Wikipedia has (as usual) a good summary of what the ADA is all about. But thanks to Deaf News Today, here’s a brief summary of what the ADA covers:

Title I – employment by private employers with 15 or more employees
Title II – state and local governments, including access to programs and public transportation.
Title III – physical accessibility, access to goods and services and private transportation services.
Title IV – telecommunication standards, including relay services for people with hearing and speech disabilities and closed captioning.
Title V – funding of ten regional Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers. The DBTAC’s provide ADA advise and ADA training. For more information call (800) 949-4232.

Here’s what ADA does NOT cover:

  • Private businesses with less than 15 employees
  • Churches, private clubs and Native American tribes are excluded.
  • Housing (housing is covered by the Fair Housing Act)
  • Airplane rides (While ADA cover airports, it does not cover passengers once aboard a plane. That area is covered by the Air Carrier Access Act)


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