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Whoa! Amazing Video

A Natural Selection

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The 8 Rules for Signing Numbers 1-100

I think I finally understand the rules for signing the numbers 1-100. I wish I had this list when I started. I made a video to show these rules in action, but here they are as I understand them… Rule … Continue reading

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ASL Alphabet and Numbers

Someone wrote me the other day asking for an image of the ASL alphabet and numbers 0-9.  So here it is! I created it using an installed font called Gallaudet. Click on the image to get the bigger size.   … Continue reading

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ASL 201 Unit 14

I’m turning in my video portion of my ASL 3 class Exam 1. I don’t mind sharing it here as well. (turn on Closed Captions to see what I intended to sign!) ASL 201 Unit 14.wmv – YouTube.

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Inappropriate Cropping

How do you sign “The baby is choking, lock the doors and hide”?

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Slow Down Videos For Better Learning

For every ASL textbook I buy, I usually get a DVD to go along with the book. The DVD can be helpful because a 2-dimensional drawing of a sign is limited in showing something used in 3-D. Also, the DVD has … Continue reading

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