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Details About Katie Leclerc’s Hearing Loss

The following comes from an interview Katie Leclerc from “Switched At Birth” gave to Ology. So when did you learn sign language? In high school? Yeah, I did. I just took it as an elective. My sister was an ASL … Continue reading

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Deaf Thinking and Deaf Dreaming

Okay, I have a dumb question. I never thought about it until recently. And I went out on a limb to ask a Deaf friend of mine. If you are Deaf, what language do you think and/or dream in? I … Continue reading

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Sign Language Helps Deaf Children Learn Languages

While some hold that teaching a deaf child to communicate in sign language before he/she learns to read lips or is provided with a cochlear implant (or some other assistive hearing device) significantly decreases his/her ability to acquire spoken or … Continue reading

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Gallaudet And Alice Statue

The statue of Thomas Gallaudet that greets visitors to the university in the nation’s capital that bears his name was unveiled on June 26, 1889. The work of sculptor Daniel Chester French, the bronze statue shows Gallaudet teaching a little … Continue reading

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Video Relay Service (VRS)

As a hearing person, I’m fascinated by the technology used for Deaf people to communicate via telephone. First some historical background… In the mid-1960’s the teletypewriter (TTY) became available thanks to a Deaf dentist and a Deaf physicist who used Morse Code to … Continue reading

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My ASL Journey Now On

A few months ago I found “Best Of Deaf Blogs And Vlogs”. It is a nice site that currently aggregates close to 900 Deaf/HoH blogs into one place. One day I decided to submit this blog to DeafRead to … Continue reading

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Katie Leclerc talks Switched At Birth

    …I kinda feel like we’re breaking new ground here. Lizzie Weiss, the creator, she did her research really, really well. I feel like the portrayal of the deaf community is done with tact and respect and class. It’s … Continue reading

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YouTube – TEDxIslay- Keith Nolan- Deaf in the Military Subtitled

YouTube – TEDxIslay- Keith Nolan- Deaf in the Military Subtitled.

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Computer Translation Catching Up

A couple of interesting videos about how computers are learning to both understand and produce Signed Languages.

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Purple Launches VRS for iPhone and iPad2

Using existing communication devices generally reserved for hearing individuals, like cell phones, Purple develops free communications software designed to make communications among deaf and hard-of-hearing people with hearing people easier and more convenient. By adding support for the iPad 2, Purple … Continue reading

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