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Deaf girl feels the beat

Beats are blaring from two subwoofers facing 7-year-old Mackenzie Ripley, a gregarious girl who makes her own music in her dad’s Parkdale apartment. Pressing on the keyboard with a small finger, Mackenzie rolls her chair closer to a vibrating speaker … Continue reading

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VA Schools Now Recognize ASL as a Language

Gallaudet University borders the Commonwealth of Virginia, but it wasn’t until this month that both High Schools and Colleges in VA can finally count ASL as a legit language. Under a 1998 policy by the Virginia Department of Education, high … Continue reading

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NPR Interview with Keith Wann

ASL comedian Keith Wann was interviewed on NPR about his comedy and life growing up as a Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA). The first video below is just the audio from the interview. The second video is Keith interpreting the … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice

Some of you may remember Roger Ebert who was a popular movie critic. A few years ago he lost his jaw to cancer and consequently lost his ability to speak. Through technology, he now “speaks” and expresses himself. His video … Continue reading

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A New Reason Why Deaf May Have Trouble Reading

ASL is a language in and of itself. And it’s not English. I’ll get into this later, but I found this article interesting: A New Reason for Why the Deaf May Have Trouble Reading. Deaf people may have no trouble communicating … Continue reading

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This post is really just for my co-students taking ASL classes at NOVA. The NOVA ASL Club is on Facebook.

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Joke: On Trial

This joke was emailed to me the other day. It may be more offensive to lawyers than the Deaf, but if you are Deaf and offended, let me know (and why it’s offensive to you – I want to learn)! … Continue reading

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Matlin Shatters Barriers on Celebrity Apprentice

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) congratulates Marlee Matlin for her extraordinary accomplishments on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice. During the episode that aired on April 3, 2011, she took on the task of being Project Manager and raised one million … Continue reading

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Gallaudet offers German signing course

19-year-old Michelle Morris of Florida, says she finds learning German easy. She’s doing a degree [at Gallaudet University] in International Studies and aiming for a career with the United Nations. “That means I need to learn a foreign language,” she … Continue reading

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Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency?

If you have the ability to speak and hear and you are in the middle of an emergency in the US, what do you do? Call 9-1-1 of course. But what if you are Deaf and/or have trouble speaking? Currently your … Continue reading

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